I’m Chloé Jordache ~ a libra creating, growing, making & mixing music in LA.

E: Where are you from originally? What played a part in moving to LA?

C: I was born & raised in San Diego, CA - then my family moved to Riverside when I was 11. That’s when I started turning my hobby of singing, acting, & dancing into something more. My mom would make that hour long drive to LA every weekend for auditions, dance rehearsals, singing and acting lessons, recording sessions - so many things. Shoutout mama Jordache for making time for my dreams while owning a business - Dad too! I’m grateful to have such supportive parents, my rocks really. 

My childhood consisted of myspace fame, managers (good ones & bad ones), tons of shows, an album, a tour, a Three 6 Mafia music video appearance (lol), a music video of my own at 12, Disney callbacks, a commercial, a short film, A&R meetings, a girl group, some really good connections, a lot of highs, and some lows too. I was a kid and a really hard worker. And I don’t think I’ve said this out loud (I’m still not because I’m typing this) but ya know… the rejection and failed attempt of “making it” really got to me at the time. I’m saying all of this because all of these events led me to EL AY ~ the city of dreams.

I moved to LA at 19 to find my own sound (I didn’t have as much creative freedom as I would have liked during my myspace famous days), to be closer to the creative industry (was still set on “making it” although this definition has changed for me now), and to learn how to do things on my own (I had trust issues from some of the managers and producers we worked with) . I ended up at the LA Film School and got an AS in Music Production. Then later attended Berklee College of Music Online in pursuit of a Songwriting Degree. I even studied abroad at their campus in Valencia, Spain. That’s where I learned how to DJ and made some lifelong friends! I’m back in LA, and I’m here to stay for now. 

E: We know that music has been a passion of yours since you were young, tell us a bit about your journey and what you’re working on now.

C: I totally gave my mini “music journey spiel” answering the question before this. But what I left out was my undeniable affinity for music ever since I can remember. Soon after I could use my voice to talk, I was using it to sing. I was a pretty quiet and reserved kid, but my voice was loud. Singing for me has always been a form of expression and release. Looking back now, I know that I wasn't just meant to sing. I was meant to create + connect + heal + share + collaborate + invite + inspire + change... I mean, we all are! But for me, I’ve found I can do all of this through music. I started turning my poems into melodies and creating sounds on my keyboard. These sounds can bring people together and when paired with honest lyrics, it can even heal. That’s why we’ve got to keep sharing and keep collaborating and keep inviting others into our experience and our ideas. I am inspired by the universe and I hope by doing my small part, I can help change it.

I’m also working on music projects of my own ~~~ I wrote, produced, recorded, & released my first song (in a while), called “Leos” on the last day of Leo SZN this year. Can listen on all streaming platforms! Stay tuned for more sharing of music from me very soon.

E: What type/genre of music has caught your attention lately?

C: LATELY (all caps because this changes every day for me - did I mention I’m a libra?) I’ve been listening to the “UK Chill Rap” playlist on Spotify. I’ve been an absolute stan of the UK music scene ever since I got introduced like 5 years ago by a really good friend from London. It’s on my bucket list to see Skepta and the Boy Better Know crew live.

E: Do you have any passion projects that you want to talk about?

C: Right now, I’m working with my friends at @rentmoney & @discotitsla - holding space for LA based creatives and throwing (online) parties while spreading awareness to important social issues. You can catch me on my segment, “Full Moon Tings” every full moon on @rentmoney radio where I DJ, talk about astrology, and sometimes do an interactive songwriting session. You can also find me learning about politics or DJing at @discotitsla’s “Disco for Democracy” events.

E: What are some of the most important elements for you when it comes to your creative process?

C: I think my environment plays a huge part in my creative process. I’ve always got to have some candles, mood lighting, and clutter out of site. I’ve found that this really makes a difference - so I now take time to invest in cuteifying my space and prepping it for optimal creativity & inspiration. My space usually reflects my mind. If it’s a mess, my mind is a mess!

Another important element is my cat, Maui (named after Maui Wowie!). I need to cuddle him every 30 min for my sanity. Kind of like a stress ball, in a non animal abusive way lol.

Speaking of Maui Wowie, I always keep some prerolls or a pen on me - for me, weed helps with getting out of my ego thoughts and into soul expression. 

E: Any last words for the aspiring musicians reading this?

C: Here are some things I’ve learned kind of recently actually. And while I’m telling this to you, I’m telling myself too:

1. Don’t wait to get inspired. Make it a habit to create every day, not just when you feel like it. You are the actions you repeat. If you want to be a musician, make music everyday! 

2. Your art was meant to be shared. It’s never going to be perfect, just release it and move on <3

3. Everything happens in divine timing, trust the process (cliche, but true!)

4. Write what you’re afraid to say out loud.

5. Really investigate what success means to you and work towards that. How things make you feel are more important than how you want things to look.

6. You are so brave for even making something. Bless those hands! 

- The Endos Team