My name is Drew Pulig, and I am a mixed media artist and freelance strategist.
T-shirt designed by Drew Pulig.

E. Tell us about yourself.

D. After 9 years of working doing editorial and community stuff at HYPEBEAST, I’ve been figuring out how to utilize my skillset as an independent contractor. In the past year, I’ve been focusing on developing my skills as an illustrator.

E. You’ve been a mainstay in the streetwear scene, starting from the forums at the beginning. How has that space changed over the years?

D. After watching it all for a decade, nothing ever really seems to change in the streetwear world. There will always be a point where something becomes too mainstream, and then a new brand or trend will always rise-up and shake the scene. One big change though, is that young entrepreneurs have access to so many more resources these days.

E. We love your illustration work and saw the recent stuff for Kenny Beats and Smino, What made you pursue a full-time career as an artist?

D. Thank you! Originally I studied graphic design with the promise of making ‘making money’ as an artist. But after years of working in the industry and seeing how designers worked, I realized I really just wanted to illustrate. After years of seeing other people do it, I figured I’d take my shot at it myself.

E. Does cannabis play a role in your creative process? What type of headspace do you have to be in to get the creative juices flowing?

D. When it comes to creativity, I’ve learned that I need to be generally happy and in a good mood to create something. I feel pretty cooped up in the house during the quarantine, so keeping my spirits high has been priority number 1. Haha so being a wake-and-bake smoker definitely helps maintain good vibes throughout my day.

E. What advice do you have for someone trying to get involved in the streetwear or art world?

D. If you want to pursue a life in these industries, I’d suggest going to all the art shows, to the festivals and concerts and figure out exactly how you want to fit into that industry. You have to put in the ground work if you’re serious. A lot of people making cool shit today worked as interns and shop-kids 10 years ago. So you can’t always rely on some easy strategy to strike gold quick.

E. What upcoming projects do you have that we should be the lookout for?

D. Finding inspiration for my art has been difficult in the lockdown, and lately I’ve been working on some scriptwriting and storyboarding. Really just trying to develop my storytelling skills so be on the lookout for more comics!

- The Endos Team