The new normal has brands and industries thinking differently. We think it's a good thing.
Behind-the-scenes from our lookbook.

ENDOS was born out of the idea that a cannabis brand can and should be a vital part of our community in more ways than one.

When COVID hit, it became more evident than ever that a brand in any industry needs to stand for more. Brands need to be authentic, genuine and most importantly in tune with its community. We found it important to connect with people on a grassroots level in order to reinforce ENDOS' company values.

In recent years, the cannabis industry has been a hotbed for new startups trying to make a quick buck. With legislation continuing to relax on restrictions, the market has been flooded with low quality products with premium price points attached. We saw a need for a cannabis brand to be more thoughtful, honest and creative.

Our ultimate goal is to connect with our community in meaningful ways. Our success is tied to them and by highlighting their stories, it helps to tell ours in the process. We put the spotlight on the individuals who bring meaning to what we do, breaking down stigmas around cannabis while inspiring others in a positive and motivational way.

We translated their stories into our passion to do better for the industry and its supporters.  

Through our market research, we got to know people from all walks of life who have something interesting to say or show. We found our identity through each one of them, which is why everything we do, from our mission down to our products,  are “Curated by L.A.” We look forward to building a platform that bridges cannabis, community and creativity for all walks of life to share, inspire and uplift. 

With upcoming products, merchandise and unique experiences in the works, we’re humbled to be able to be a part of this community and we can’t wait to shake things up.

Our cannabis flower, pre roll singles and packs now available at select stockists.
- The Endos Team